Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Home made is the only way to make a tuna Melt!

1. Home canned Albacore or smoked Albacore tuna
2. Tillamook Cheese or Smoked Tillamook cheese of choice
3. Homemade bread 1/2"-9/16" thick slices.  I used Rollers Amish bread for this sandwich
4. Butter
5. Cast Iron Skillet

I went with plain old Tillamook cheddar and non-smoked home canned Albacore.

Just so I don't get in trouble here is the smoked element of the meal. Served on our smoking drinking party plate.

Get a good glob of butter melting in the Cast iron over medium heat (low medium)

Here i must say that I used a few more than the "5" things listed above. I added pickles, dill, garlic powder, celery seed. and a bit of dry mustard. No Mayo, no squeezable mustard.

Here's the process. Bread, Cheese, Tuna, Cheese, Bread. Into the pan

Put the Sandwee in the pan. Give it a quick swirl in the butter and flip immediately.  Cover with lid and wait. Since this is low heat it takes a while 5-8 minutes per side depending on your stove. Keep checking the bread.

When it looks like this on one side its time to flip. When it looks like this on both sides its time to Eat!


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