Monday, February 3, 2014

Amped up smoked injected hot wings!

The ingredients. I have been wanting to do some injected wings, but do them just a tad bit different. I took my base recipe, 3 parts franks, 1 part beer, 2-4 tbls butter (this batch took 4). Mix that all up, and here's the kicker I added 4 oz of blue cheese right into the marinade. I went ahead and simmered this all together. The cheese broke down a bit, but sti\ll not enough to keep from clogging my small injector. So I had to use the big injector. Which is not ideal for wings, I've shot hot sauce all over the kitchen before with it! Knowing what to expect I was extra careful. I only had one blow out the for the most part only soaked me with hot sauce. I injected the wings in the morning and let them sit in the fridge for 7 hours. I always pour the left over marinade on the wings.

Injected and ready to rest!

Had ABT's for breakfast! I mean why not its Super Bowl Sunday!

Fired up the mini sometime during the first quarter. 365 brand lump, cherry and pecan wood. I wanted to do these hot and fast, so I ran the mini without any sort of diffuser. Ran the mini right at 350°

These turned out fantastic! Adding the Blue Cheese into the injection was AWESOME!!!