Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Smoker Fried Spattlebird

Freezing fog, freezing rain wont hold a good smoker down! Fired up the trusty mini-wsm. Loaded with KF, cherry and apple (out of my favorite pecan). Been experimenting with smoker frying chicken. This batch was the best so far. Skin still not as crisp as oven fried, but close. Seasoned flour (Salt, pepper, garlic, chipotle powder) Coat the entire bird. I didn't use any oil this time and may coat the skin before the flour dredge next time to see if it crisps up better. After dredging the bird I sprayed it with my wife's "Buttery" butter substitute. Into the mini until 165°.

AS usual I spatched the bird. I also removed the ribs this time just for fun.

Here's the "Buttery" stuff. Too afraid to read the ingredients...

All the parts and pieces getting happy for another day.

Into the flames!

This is what freezing fog and rain looks like in the High Desert!