Monday, July 8, 2013

Tri-tip with Steamed golden beets, beet greens and Caprise salad

Due to a late start, I decided to sue a higher temp cook in order to make sure we could have dinner at a decent time. I normally like to run the smoker around 265*-285* for tri-tip. I also like to have the terracotta saucer in place as a diffuser. For this cook I ran the smoker at 308* (that's where it wanted to settle and hold) and I did not use the diffuser. I also let this tri cook to an IT of 145* because he in-laws to be like there steak more towards the side of well done. The tri turned out good, but not really to my liking. One issue that occurred is that the side that was down turned out more done than the side that was up. Normally at the lower temps and with the diffuser in you do not need to flip the steak. If I do another high temp tri I will definitely flip part way through. So quick re-cap 308* Mini-WSM Kingsford Blue and pecan, Cooked to an IT of 145*.

Cooking away on the Mini, juicy!

After the rest

About a 1/3 cup of juice in there!

Split the Tri. Can you tell which side was up and which side was done?

Sliced and ready for plating!

Steamed golden beets and beet greens.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Burger Dogs!

Non-injected wings. Seasoned and ready.

Hot off the smoker!

Behold, the BURGER DOG!!!!

There it is the BURGER DOG!!! Nathan's all beef dog and 80-20 ground beef! Enjoy!!!!